Dec 29 2014

Choosing the Best LCD Gaming TV

Though gaming on a regular monitor is still considered the best way to play a game, the widespread of console gaming has created a need for TVs that compete with monitors in how faithfully they recreate a gaming environment. This is why we decided to let you know what you need to be aware of when buying a gaming TV.So how to choose a high quality high definition(hd) 32/40/60 inch lcd TV set at cheap price in 2015?


First and foremost you need a TV with a very good response time. LED TVs with refresh rates between 120 and 240 Hz guarantee that you will never miss a second of the action. Refresh rates are important when playing first person shooters or driving games. Called “twitch” games, they rely on a gamer’s reflexes more than they do on his or her experience.


It is also good to have a TV that comes with both side and front inputs. While newer TVs come with a plethora of input options, make sure you have the proper audio and video inputs so that you can safely and easily connect your console to the TV. Having a frontal input panel is important if you like to switch between gaming and TV modes or you want to have your computer connected as well. Among video input methods, make sure your TV comes with HDMI, VGI and DVI inputs since most if not all gaming consoles need one of the three in order to output the video signal to your TV.


Because gaming can oftentimes be a strain on your back, make sure you have a TV that sports a wide viewing angle so you can continue playing even while lying on your side. A native resolution of 1920 x 1080p, or Full HD resolution is a must have for your gaming TV.


Last but not least, don’t go crazy with the expenses. While gaming TVs used to be quite expensive, nowadays you can find gaming TVs to suit all pocket sizes. Manufacturers such as LG, Samsung or Philips offer various models with a wide price range depending on what functionalities you need your HDTV to have.


If you still find them to be on the expensive side, don’t be afraid to try a lesser known brand: the days when lesser known brands meant low quality products have long been extinct. If you are curious what are considered to be the best gaming TVs currently on the market, we have compiled a list so that you have a faster way of choosing what you desire. When quality is the only thing that matters, you can’t go wrong with Samsung’s UN46H7150. In terms of value over price, one will be hard pressed to find a better device than Sony’s KDL-48W600B.


If instead of an LED gaming TV you would like to go for a plasma based device, keep in mind that prices are still high and you have to take into account the burn-in factor. Burn-in is what happens when static images such as a logo or the skill bar are kept on screen for long periods of time. The image is burnt into the screen and stays there no matter what game you play. On the plus side, you will be able to play World of Warcraft with the Dragon Age: Inquisition skill bar.

Dec 20 2014

Top 4 32 Inch TVs, Ideal For Heavy Gamers

Are you a fan of video or computer gaming? 32 inch television set has the best size for gamers in 2015. Do you love games that are very detailed in terms of graphics and sound effects? If the answer is yes, then you have definitely noticed most of the advanced games out there do require a lot of features from your hardware. If for example it is a PC game, most require at least a minimum duo core processor, up to 2 GB of RAM, not less than 10 GB of free disk space and more.


But for console gamers it is slightly different because the consoles are specifically designed for gaming purposes hence will not require a little bit of twitching, so as improving the gaming experience. But despite of all this, a key number of factors can come into play that will stop one from enjoying the ultimate gaming experience. One of these factors is the type of T.V screen one will be using.


So, what some of the qualities of a good gaming TV for console gaming? The T.V should consist of a game mode. Most of the new HD television sets come concocted with mode that is specifically designed for gamers. This feature enables one to have the ultimate gaming experience by bypassing all the T.Vs processing and increase the response of the picture to the command given on the game pad or a joy pad.


A good gaming T.V should also be able to handle parts of the image or remain static for a very long while. In addition, the T.V set should not lag the motion of the game especially since this is very common with first person shooter games like call of duty.


What are some of the best 32 inch screens for the ultimate game experience? At number one I would recommend a 32 inch Aquos 4K. First of all the Aquos 4k has four times the full pixel resolution of a HD TV, completely amazing. It consists of up to 21 per cent wider spectrum more than any colored Television making it ideal for gaming. The Aquo-dimming feature is there to adjust each and every pixel to disclose extra details in very dark scenes. Finally the Aquo-motion 480 refresh rate is ideal for games that involve a lot of movements because it is designed to deliver sharper and crystal clear images during very fast actions.


Second on the list is the Panasonic TX-L32EM5B. The set comes with a gaming mode which is a plus for all gamers. Another key feature is the dimming feature that makes very dark scenes visible to the gamer. The device also comes with an anti-image retention feature which is also very ideal for gamers. The last feature of this set which is ideal for gaming is the Dolby Digital Plus which enhances the surround thus producing a more detailed sound effect.

Third on the list is the Samsung UE32H6200.First of all the television comes with a quad core processor, for any gamer you know that is a plus. The huge processor is ideal for the images displayed by the television because it increases their sharpness, contrast and resolution and removes any kind of delays making it very ideal for heavy gamers.


Finally on the list is the Samsung UE32EH5000. For a low price tag, the Samsung UE32EH5000 has really beaten the odds and offers very clear pictures than any other T.V at its price range. The contrast and sharpness is absolutely astonishing and the motion handling is something else. The set is very ideal for gamers who cannot be able to afford a plasma set but want most of the features on a slightly smaller screen.


Next time you are shopping for an ideal 32 inch gaming screen you should consider any of the four sets listed above, they will be worth the money and time.